Italian Heart

Abruzzo, the heart of Italy

Abruzzo hill townWalter Tosto strongly feels the connection with its territory: Abruzzo, Italy. An authentic and genuine country, rich of history, culture and traditions. The company is usually involved in local initiatives, such as the editorial project “Abruzzo, the taste of discovery”: a catalogue which collects over 100 color images of Abruzzo’s most peculiar landscapes and several short essays about wine and food culture of the region; a guide with the purpose to hand down the best traditions to the next generations, to diffuse our territory’s culture to Abruzzo lovers and especially to create interest for those who still don’t know this amazing Italian region.

Thanks to its magnificent landscapes and its temperate climate it is the ideal place to ride.

Italian handicraft

Well-known worldwide, Italian handicraft make the country an excellence in the manufacturing of high quality products.
Our first motorbike Lupus Alpha is 90% handcrafted.